shopping-bags.jpgAddictive Personality is when a person has a set of traits that is almost programmed into them and no matter how hard they try to stop they can't. Some of the most common cases of Addictive Personality is: Gambling, food, exercise, work, and sometimes even relationships. When a person has an Addictive Personality they generally tend to plan their whole lives around it. When someone has addictive personality disorder they will switch from addiction to addiction. This disorder makes it almost impossible to quit what they are doing. They'll forget about their job, friends, and even family to fuel their addiction. When the person does their addiction whether it being eating, smoking, gambling they get almost like a "high" off of it and then almost right after this "high" happens they get a feeling of depression and self-pity.

Food is on the most common cases of an addictive personality. This is when someone will just eat non-stop. This poses a seriously health issue with their blood pressure and cholesterol. Being a person who is super morbidly obese is not the way to live your life in the slightest manner.


  • The person is unable to stop their addiction


  • There are ways that you can fight obesity