Conversion Disorder
Description: Conversion disorder is when you show psychological stress in physical ways. In other words, when an emotional or mental problem is converted into a physical one. The symptoms of this disorder are the inability or lack of control of your movement or senses.

Treatment: Though in most Conversion disorder patients, the symptoms disappear within weeks on their own. But if treatment is nessesary, some options are counseling, physical therapy, and hypnosis. Any of these can help resolve the psychological issues, and therefore curing the physical problem.

Connector: Conversion disorder can in many ways interfere with a persons daily life. For example, If someone with Conversion disorder fell off a horse and thought he or she was paralyzed, they would not be able to walk which would not allow they to do normal daily activities like walking, driving, and exercise. Basically, with Conversion disorder, whatever disease or ailment you believe yourself to have, you would have the same problems as another person who was actually ill or injured.


Statistics: Up to 82% of adults with Conversion disorder stop working because of their symptoms.
Conversion disorder is diagnosed in 5%-14% of general hospital patients.
Conversion disorder occurs less frequently in highly educated people.
Females are more prone to Conversion disorder.

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Help line: Disorder: A disturbance in physical or mental health.
Conversion: A change in character, form, or function.