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Is someone with a Dissociative disorder who leaves to create a new life, when they return they have no memory of the fugue or events that happened during it.
CLINICAL DEFINITION- Psychogenic Fugue is related to Dissociative Amnesia with several subtypes like selective amnesia and continuous amnesia. It is not due to direct physiological effects from drug abuse.

Symptoms of Psychogenic Fugue- sudden and unexpected travel away from home or job and has no memory of the events that happened during the Fugue State
Confusion of your identity and assumption of a new identity. Symptoms cause serious clinical distress or impairment in social, jobs or other important areas of functioning
for more symptoms go to this link Psychogenic Fugue symptoms The Fugue state can last anywhere from Hours to weeks, or even months, and sometimes longer. When in this state the person acts normally and may not attract attention

Psychotherapy — Main form of treatment, uses techniques that encourage communication and insight into conflicts
Cognitive therapy — Focus on changing on dysfunctional thinking patterns and results in feelings and better behaviors
Medication — There is no medication to treat Psychogenic Fugue
Family therapy — Teaches family about the disorder and how to cope and recognize the Symptoms

Connector- Psychogenic Fugue can interfere with daily living and activities in several ways. The major way it interferes with your daily life is you just randomly leave your house/job and just go off and make a new life. You have no memory of doing this when you come out of the Fugue state. This can worry your friends and family, and get you fired from your job for not showing up. There have been accounts where someone with this disorder would leave in a Fugue state and the family/friends of that person would file missing persons reports. The person would then show up years later and have no memory of leaving or any events that happened while in the Fugue state.


Statistics- The prevalence of Psychogenic Fugue is estimated at .2% but is much more common during wars, Natural disasters and accidents

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Word bank-
FUGUE- a period during which a person suffers from loss of memory, often begins a new life, and, upon recovery, remembers nothing of the amnesic phase.
PSYCHOGENIC- having origin in the mind or in a mental condition or process: apsychogenicdisorder.