1. Psychopathic Behavior
Its know as psychopath it's a person with an antisocial personality disorder
, especially one in conscious feelings in sick ways.
Scientist say there are 4 types of psychopath.
Each type has own characteristics and view on what they think. They think
There brains are ''Monsters''. That why so hard to treat.

Symptoms and characteristics

1. charm and intelligence
2. abensence of nervousness
3. irresponsibility
4. many short term relationships.
5. Lack of empathy.
6. Poor behavior controls.

General info and affect on life

There actually is no diagnosis of Psychopathy in the diagnostic, but its a very high studied area.
Psychopath is different then antisocial personality. Antisocial deals with is a failure to respect of
individuals. Psychopathy involves poor emotional intelligence, They lack of conscience, and there are alot of forms of expression of psychopathy. For an example a less intelligent psychopath will be in jail , well a highly intelligence person is running a company. All psychopaths are different some are like ted bundy well others like Bernie madoff.

. there's a treatments like one is therapy but overall there really is no treatment. Most of people who are psychopath don't want to get help anyways.

. 1 in 100 people are psychopaths.

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